Thursday, March 09, 2017

A Gift for Our Youth

Back in 2006 I wanted to learn how to build a website, a good one, and I found a great provider in SiteSell. At tat time, I maximized this engines capabilities to build a site for kids that would benefit from my desire to write and a healthy leaning toward kids and their upbringing.

The site became very popular around the world as it hosted games, writing tips, parenting suggestions and most of all a library of short stories submitted by my young readers. Parents also liked the site because it was kid friendly so moms and dads didn't have to worry about predators, their credit cards, profanity and the like.

I enjoyed writing on the site and publishing the many stories that came in, but after a while, the volume became so high that I shelved the site.

However, today, I am happy to announce that it’s time for my re-launch after 5 years! If your friends have kids from 5 to 15, tell them about They'll thank you.

I hope to show you how kids can use the computer as something more than an expensive toy. My young readers have submitted hundreds of interesting tall tales.

I promote writing as a technique that can develop a child's skills, interests and good behaviour. The kids use this as a social network as well, since they can exchange comments about their creativity and imagination.

While promoting positive activities, we can, hopefully, diffuse the many negative influences affecting our children everyday. Whatever the case may be, there should be something here to amuse or intrigue you.

I am asking moms and dads to have a look and leave me a comment to tell me what you think of the site.

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